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Cardiac Arrest Preparedness in Our Daily Lives

G3 In Use Manufacturing Workers

Sudden Cardiac Deaths account for more than 40-45% of cardiovascular deaths in India. As per the industry experts, over 12 lakh (1.2 million) people in the age group of 35 … read more

Opto Circuit’s AED Helps Save Texas Teacher’s Life


Its mid-April and the teacher at Eagle Heights Elementary School in Azle, Texas who was on medical leave, is back teaching the kids in her classroom. While all looks normal … read more

Opto Circuits Subsidiary Eurocor launches APERTUS Aspiration Catheter for Optimal Thrombus Aspiration in STEMI patients


Increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol & a high-fat diet coupled with reduced physical activity has increased the risk of Thrombus Aspiration – a blood clot that develops in one’s artery … read more