How medical devices have simplified doctors’ lives

How medical devices have simplified doctors’ lives

Remember the days when we were kids and going for a test used to seem nothing less than a torture? The mind used to be gripped by fear and panic … read more

Unetixs’ Vascular Inc., an Opto Circuits Group Company Receives CE Certification for MultiLab® Series II, 3-CP Vision


Unetixs’ Vascular Inc., is subsidiary of Opto Circuits (India)Limited and a leading manufacturer of peripheral vascular devices, has received CE(Conformité Européenne) mark for the product MultiLab® Series II ,3-CP Vision … read more

Opto Circuits Company Cardiac Science AEDs to be equipped in 33 travel teams of Rockville Centre Soccer Club

G3 Plus Detail

It’s almost two years to the day when soccer fans across the world watched in horror as star midfielder Fabrice Muamba suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) during a tournament match. … read more